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Tiny Pace Clock

The Clock that you have always been using. Easy to read even with foggy goggles, totally synchronizable.

Simply set up your training set and let your Pacer guide your times and rest intervals.

Durable design and water-resistant construction, its built to withstand the toughest training sessions.

swim with intervals

Improve your technique by focusing in shorter distances
Offers more variety and reduces boredom
Interval swim training improves your aerobic capacity

How to use it give me sets

On any pool with your own pace clock, just gives you the time and tells your how much you can rest, it´s the best way to control your swim and follow the intervals of the set.

Attach it to your water bottle and turn it on, hold your practice set paper and follow it with discipline, The joy of swimming comes with the sour taste of hard work.

What they’re saying

Exceeded my Expectations.
Really it’s a beautiful product 😍 well done with taking this to market..

Gordon Haywood / Master Swimmer Swim-it West Lothian

Very Useful Clock.
Helps me train and follow the workout during summer. We needed to reduce the amount of rest between sets,  train intervals and to check our times.

Raul Ilarraza / Coach & Swimmer CNL

Helps me Train.
It is perfect to control the time and the rests. I have been using it all summer season and it works like the first day.

Ivan Guijarro / Coach & Swimmer CNL

Super Cool. 
Perfect for interval training, and now I have my own analog Pace Clock with my name !!

Caitlin Gagnon / Master Swimmer The Powel Crosley, Jr YMCA Cincinnati OH

Works Perfectly.
Great quality ! Produced with love and passion!.

Stephanie Weiß / Swimming in Germany

Super useful clock.
When you are doing a workout on your own! It is the best solution for athletes”

Márta Kropkó / Triathlete, World Champion

I Love it !
Thanks to this wonderful colourful portable pace clock I’m on a steep learning curve swimming intervals and gaining insights about pacing and speed. I’ve learned that ‘relaxed swimming’ is faster than ‘intense swimming’ 🙂 🙂 I also love that I can share it with other swimmers. Each swimmer picks a color and off we go !”

Mie Demin / Swimming in the City of Brussels

Very Good Product.
Basic tool for a correct execution of the workouts. Very useful for young swimmers  to teach them at what intensity they should swim and control when they have to leave the wall to be able to train by themselves.

Alejandro Barrios / Coach & Swimmer FRN

I couldn’t be happier after receiving your clock.
The size, the construction, the design (exactly as I imagined it!), is perfect. Even the clock motion, so smooth!, exhales quality.

Paulo Melo / Master Swimmer Portugal

An essential Gadget. Super easy to read your time and very handy. Cannot swim without it when I swim outdoors.

María Rubio / Master Swimmer CN Las Norias

Incredible Clock !.
No more excuses to follow your training in any swimming pool, perfect timing, amazing colour, with all the gadgets you need! Helped me a lot since I have it!

Guillermo Arrillaga / Master Swimmer CN Iregua Villamediana

I Love it !.
 Perfect for swimming outdoors in pools that doesn´t have clock in the wall to control your swimming rhythms. The dial gives perfect visibility, es really handy, very light and it adapts to any type of bottle.

Lucia Peña / Master Swimmer CN Iregua Villamediana

I Loved it since the first day I saw it.
The first time I saw it I borrowed it and moved it to my lane to test myself for a 100 free. Now I bring my own with me and I use it every day I swim outdoors.

Iván Ilarraza / National Level Swimmer CNL

Great Invention.
I have been swimming for years without knowing my times,  finally this clock comes, the best invention of the century 🙂  .

Alberto Ruiz / Master Swimmer CNL

Just What I needed.
I have been needed this clock a long time ago because every time I would go swimming in LCM during summer, I had never known how fast or how slow I was doing it. It is a small tool but it changes the swim session radically.

Alejandro Rodríguez / Master Swimmer CNL

Really necessary.
As my experience in swimming nobody thought about this and I needed, it’s really great to have it when you are not in your indoor pool and you need to check your times. Thank You.

Jesús Ilarraza / Master Swimmer CNL

Easier to check my time.
 I am far-sighted and I have problems to see the clock on the wall so for me it is a life saver. This one is much easier to check.

Fernando López / Master Swimmer CN Iregua Villamediana
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